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Giant Black Cock

Lucy Fires knew what she was after… She wanted a huge hard cock that would please her. Not the wimpy boys she was used to fucking… She knew she needed a black cock to please her!

And she had alls he could handle from Kenny – Who had a giant black cock bigger than any other cock she’s ever seen!

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He fucked her and her fucked her hard – in every position she ever imagined and then some. Having his huge black cock pound her and bang her in places that she wasn’t used to be touching by a cock… Got her off quickly – and more than once!

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Cheerleader Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle had no idea how to be a cheerleader but she was willing to fake it…

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But she quickly discovered she didn’t need to try to hard. Once the cheerleading coach discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties, he was all over her!

She mounted him in the back yard and rode him all afternoon until he got off twice!

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She sure will be making the cheerleading team!

Sucking Down The Cock

Connie was showing her room mate’s friend her tires, asking him if she needed new ones and was wondering how much it might cost. But when she spread her legs and he got a glimpse of her panties it made his cock hard. She noticed this…

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And quickly got him back inside the house so she could suck him off and relieve him of that pressure that had been building up in his cock!

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Girlfriend Wants Threesome

Neal couldn’t believe what was happened. Seems his girlfriend wanted to have a threesome – with her best friend! Neal thought he was the luckiest man alive!

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They started making out with each other, making his cock hard, and his girlfriend’s bestie took his cock in her mouth and made love to him orally!

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But Neal really wanted to fuck her – so he rammed his cock as deep as he could into her pussy!

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Elaina Rae gets Banged Silly

Elaina Rae wasn’t always a total slut – okay, maybe she was – but she wasn’t happy that her best friend was hitting on her man while they were eating dinner. It was time for Elaina Rae to remind her man why he was banging her and not her best friend…

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She changed in the middle of dinner and made a big production out of pulling him away from the table for sex

And the next room he let Greg bang her silly

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But when he laid her down on the red couch and fucked her missionary she was rather loud when she came!

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Whore Loves Fucking

Paulette knew how to get a man’s attention… At the party she was totally letting loose and when she had her eyes set on John. She knew she was going to fuck his brains out!

She asked him to join her in an empty room and quickly gave him a show by doing a strip tease…

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He couldn’t say no to this, right? He fucked her silly…

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But he liked to fuck his whores silly from behind – making them into real sluts!

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Massage And Blow Job

Veronica was both relaxed and turned on by her full body massage her boyfriend was giving her. But when she looked up and saw his huge cock she knew she was going to have to do a bit more…

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She took his cock in her mouth and sucked him down!

He always had a huge cock, and she had problems deep throating him but she always did her best!

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The massage the blow job turned her on – and she had to get fucked right away! She wrestled his clothes off of her and mounted him right on the massage table!

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Sucking Off The Teacher

The end of the school year was coming up quickly and they both knew they were in trouble… They had to come up with a plan to figure out how to graduate. If not, their parents would be pissed paying the college bill for four years only to have them fail….

They decided to tag team the teacher…. Sucking him off at the same time!

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No teacher in their right mind would turn down a blow job from two hot chicks!

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Sucking Cock Like Real Whores

Ricky was smart – he invited all girls to his party and told them it was a bikini party and that they had to wear bikinis. Then he made sure each of them was ready to party and he didn’t waste any time in getting the party started!

Pretty soon they were stripping each other down and sucking off cock like real whores!

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Ricky and his room mate had their hands full trying to fuck these three sluts!

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Hot Slut Rides Cock

Amy was a little cock slut… And fucking for her wasn’t one position – she wanted to try as many positions as he could handle and get off as many times as she could when riding cock!

She usually started riding on top of cock – men love it when women take control and ride on top…

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But all women like it when their girlfriends get on all fours like a dirty whore and get fucked doggie style too!

Amy loves this position as well – and it gets her off every time with a massive, earth shattering orgasm!

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