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Spreading Her Ass Cheeks

Chase was a hot little slut that wanted to bang Connor. She had a thing for him for a while and he wasn’t into her. She cornered him in his bedroom with her shirt open and her titties out, and he asked if she could deep throat cock. She replied “Sure” and then said “If not, just pull on my hair to make sure I’m sucking you deep enough”.

That was all Connor needed to hear!

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She sucked him off, and he pulled on her hair when she didn’t have his cock deep enough in her mouth. He wanted her to throat his cock!

When his cock was rock hard, she had her fuck him with her on top – and he was sure to spread her ass cheeks while they were fucking!

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Sexy Red Tight Pants

He went to pick up his car at the shop and came face to face with a hot Latina babe named Grimalda. She was alone in the office, and was wearing these sexy super tight pants. His cock got hard just watching her walk. Her tight ass in these tight pants was too much for him to handle!

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He quickly discovered that they would be alone for at least the next hour, so he talked her into sucking his cock. Turns out she loves oral sex and blowing men!

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But Eric couldn’t stop with just getting a blow job. He needed a lot more – and needed to get fucked too!

He banged this Latina slut right up against her own desk!

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Teen Anal Fuck

They always seem like nice girls and you wouldn’t think they would be willing to suck your cock no less take it up the ass. But of course young teen Jordan, her second year at college, has been there done that. Oh, she’s only had a few lovers but those lovers were long term and they did it all together!

Jordan has no problem gagging on a huge cock!

She looks so tight and pretty; It would be hard to pass up on this hot teen meat!


Sure enough, Jordan managed to get her clothes off without taking off her sneakers – it’s a trick she learned from having sex in her dorm room!

Turns out this hot teen really knows how to suck cock!


But even better yet was the fact that Jordan wasn’t a stranger to taking it up up the ass!

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He started playing with her asshole with his finger and when she didn’t protest he sunk his entire cock up her ass!

Angel’s Titty Fuck

Her mother named her Angel, but the only one who would consider her an angel would be the man who was in middle of a dry spell and trying to break out… Oh, Angel was fuckable and maybe a great hole to plug in bed, but otherwise she was fucking far from marriage material!

Still, Angel had a huge rack and loved to let men titty fuck her…. Who’s going to pass up at a chance to get off on her chest?

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But once she’s been titty fucked, it’s time to step things up a bit – and let her get off while riding on top of your cock!

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