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Shopping Snatch

We want to go shopping with the guys from FTV Girls!!! They have the hottest chicks doing the most obscene things with sex toys (and fruit!), and love to take them out in public and get them to expose themselves!

hot shopping trip

A woman willing to do a cucumber and then go out and flash her snatch in public is a girl we want to hit badly!!!

Dance Floor Fuck

Jenny has a bad habit of fucking on the dance floor.She cant help it that shes a slutty babe and she needs to get pleased whenever she wants it.She came over to me because i always give her the cock that she looking for.I remembered how nice and shaven her pussy was so i started to eat her out.


As i licked don her pussy lips she held on to my head and she moaned as i got her nice and wet.Now it was my turn and she got on the floor on her knees in the dance floor and took my cock into her hands.She started to lick on my dick and suck me off too.


Finally i felt that i was lubed up enough just like her pussy and i had her hold on and get ready to do the vertical mambo! I held on to her hip as i pumped my cock inside of her and fucked her in front of everyone.


Club Thumping

I get knocked down, but i get up again! Actually, my cock is what keeps getting up again because im always so horny that i just gotta be fucking some hot babes all the time.I decided to go to my favorite chill spot and play a game of Club Thumping.If you’ve never heard of this game its actually pretty simple.You find a hot babe that you want to fuck and flirt with her and tease her.Finally you dare her to get fucked on the dance floor while everyone is watching.Whoever gets to thump on the most pussy wins! I had luck as i met Jane and her sexy horny ass.


She agreed right away and she even placed herself on the couch where she wanted me to fuck her.She turned around and i stuck my cock into that pussy and began to pump her from behind as she pinched and pulled on her nipples.She changed positions and laid down as she opened her legs wide.I kept fucking and pumping my cock inside of her!


The Party Club

If you’ve never been to The Party Club down here in Miami then you are sure missing a great fucking time.Let me show you what happens at this club and all the wild antics that follow it.I was on business vacation and decided to hit this local night club.I had to give a hefty cover price but it was well worth it.As soon as i got inside this really hot and horny brunette came over and grabbed my cock.She was groping and massaging my package and i knew i just had to fuck this hot babe.


I sat down and she came over and lifted her dress up to reveal her panties.She started to grind on my package and show me her tits as i licked them with my tongue and massaged them really well.I just pulled her dress right off and her panties as well and took my cock out to fuck her.She fit nicely on top of me as my cock slid in and she began to fuck my dick.


Her pussy was so wet and juicy that i was having a great time.She stopped and turned around as she rode me reverse cowgirl style and began to jump on my cock over and over again.Her titties were bouncing up and down as my cock kept going into her hot pussy.


Darcy and Summer New Year

Darcy and Summer had a really great New Years! The two horny best friends decided to go to a wild all night party that was thrown by a porn company.They were promised that anything and everything would happen at this shindig and that if they found some really hot and horny good looking babes that they would sign them on the spot for a modeling contract.Well the two best friends couldn’t let this chance pass them by.Fucking and sucking is their favorite past time and even better when the girls please each other for some wet horny fun.


Darcy takes out her big tits as soon as she sees the camera flashes surround them all over. Her friend Summer comes over and takes her tongue out to begin and lick on her friends nice perky nipple.These girls were so tipsy that they totally blocked out the rest of the patron.The hot babes were getting hornier by the second to the point where they couldn’t handle it anymore.Summer pushed off Darcy’s dress and started to finger on her pussy in full party view as she licked on her nipple too!


Fuck the Gardner

Joe had just graduated from High school and was about to go into college.He needed some extra cash for the trip so he decided to become a Gardner during the weekends and take care of some lawns.He really liked this specific house because he saw that the horny fine ass blonde teenager daughter was always smiling at him and checking him out through the window.One day she decided to make her move since her parents weren’t home and made her way to the backyard.There she found Joe where she seduced him and got on the floor as she took his long dick out of his jeans.


She started to give him a blowjob and take that dick inside of her wet warm mouth.The neighbor happened to hear some moaning and decided to see what was up.As he slowly opened the backyard gate he saw the blonde teen on her knees giving Joe a wet blowjob. He was appalled but excited at first.He stayed behind the door and started to wack off as he saw these teen having a good time.


She was sucking on that cock as a whole and getting it very wet.Joe was having the time of his life because she was a very horny and fine ass blonde teen.He turned her around and had her stick her ass out as he started to shove his cock inside of her pussy.He started to fuck her hard and pump his dick into the wet pink hole.The neighbor kept wacking off until the horny teens heard a loud moan, they got scared and ran off naked!


Pornstar Wows Mechanic

Today’s another hot flashing update from the reality porn site Asses In Public. This hot pornstar has made this regular joe mechanic’s day for sure.


What looked like it might be another boring day filled with engines and grease ends up being filled with pornstar tits and ass.


Party Girls Fucking

Today’s update is just the teaser for all the party and after party fun for these girls at In The VIP.


Sure they are showing off those titties and even their hot asses and pussies, because after the party the real fun begins and only the few and the drunkest and most brazen make it In The VIP.


Party Babes Fucking


There’s plenty of flashing going on and a lot of public nudity in these clubs with these hardcore party babes. However, back in the private party room it gets fucking wild with two girls on one cock and nothing but wet pussies and hardcore fucking going down.

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Holy Naked Beach!

Two hot smoking blondes naked on a beach holding each other with their breasts touching each other ever so gently….. Public nudity rocks!

These two FTV Girls are really hot… This is a sandwich I would love to be a part of!

sexy blondes on beach

I wish I knew where a beach like this was!