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Sexy brunette Jasmine Black decided to help her boyfriend relax today with a nice warm bath! He had no idea that she planned on taking care of him in more ways than just that!


They got into the bath and she immediately started to get his cock hard by massaging him and rubbing his balls! It didn’t take long for him to get hard staring at her big beautiful tits all hot and wet!


She leaned forward squeezing his cock between her tits slowing titty fucking his cock until it was completely hard! She loved the feeling of his cock pressed between her big natural tits!


She likes to lightly lick and tease the head of his cock as it pokes through her tits giving him a hot titty fucking blowjob!


But, that’s never enough because she just loves the taste and feeling of his hard cock in her mouth! She just have to have him in her mouth so she swallowed every inch of his hard cock!


After a nice long massage and titty fucking followed by her hot wet mouth around his cock it wasn’t long before he began pumping his hot load all over her tits! She finished him off by again squeezing his cock between her tits as it pumped it’s last bit of cum onto her!

Sexy Brunette Spreads Wide For Mike


Good old Mike from Mikes Apartment has come to collect the rent from his temporary roomer. She’s a tourist with very little cash but a fine little dildo. Sounds like a deal can be made here. Sex on camera for free rent and this babe loves it.

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