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Robert’s Hot Threesome

Robert was having the time of his life… He was having two hot chicks suck him off at the same time! It was a huge turn on for him!

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He wasn’t used to having two hot babes sucking him off at the same time!

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But getting his cock sucked off by two hot babes was only the beginning… Because now he was going to fuck both of them!

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Cougar Teaches Sex

When Amy’s best friend’s kids came to her asking her to teach them about sex, she couldn’t say no. They were both eighteen and way behind their friends and it was better they learn from her than some dumb boy.

She knew that her friend Alex would be up for it…

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She took his cock out and showed them how to suck off a cock!

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Once his cock was hard and her pussy was clearly wet, she mounted him and showed them both her favorite sex position!

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Hopefully now they’ll know exactly what to do!

MILF Knows How To Suck Cock

Just like all MILFs, she knows exactly how to get to a man’s heart. Nothing gets a young man wrapped around her finger quicker than a blow job! And oh how she loves sucking cock!

She’s one of the best cock suckers in town. She should be – she’s been sucking cock for years now!

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And when she fucks…. Yeah, this MILF slut loves fucking and she knows exactly how to move when she’s on top of a dick!

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Redheaded MILF Has Huge Titties

Kelly was a bit on the MILF side but she knew one she let her boobies out to play they would be all over her. All men love boobies and nothing pulls in men like a big breasted slut. She can pull them in two at a time!

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That’s great because Kelly is a hot slutty MILF that loves fucking and she can never ever get enough sex! The more cocks she has to fuck the better off she is!

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She can fuck one cock and then turn around and have a fresh cock ready to fuck!

Hot Boat Fuck

It was a Thursday afternoon and her boyfriend John wanted to take the boat out for the weekend and camp out on it. She thought that sounded fun. An hour off shore he ended up stripping her down and making her get on her knees to suck him off. She loves the way his cock feels in her mouth, and she was happy to suck his cock down. No better way to spend a Friday afternoon – out on the boat, naked, sucking cock… Might not be the white picket fence she always wanted, but someone loved her!

Then he had her site in the fisherman’s chair…. She knew what was coming next!

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She lifted her ass out of the seat, spread her legs, and let him fuck her on the chair…

That chair was the perfect height for fucking!

Cougar Wife

Rhonda was out on the hunt for some hot teen meat for her husband to fuck and was happy when she came across Hannah. She was quickly able to talk Hannah into coming home with her… She promised that she would eat out her pussy if she fucked her husband, and Hannah always wanted to get it on with another chick so it made her pussy wet!

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Back at Rhonda’s place they started making out, lesbian kisses, but she had to suck off her husband first….

She had never had sex with someone’s husband while his wife watched, but this was making her hotter than ever before!

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This teen slut couldn’t wait to fuck him while his cougar wife watched!

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MILF Threesome

Kate knew exactly what she was doing. She knew how to please her man – and she was trying to get Jessica into the action. She hoped that by sucking him off, this hot MILF would turn on her girlfriend so she could get fucked by Mark…. Of course Mark was hard as a rock! How could he not be having a threesome with two hot MILFs!

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When Jessica finally got the courage to mount that huge cock… She was in MILF heaven!

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Turns out MILFs still know how to fuck!

Devon Lee Soccer Mom

Devon Lee makes the perfect soccer mom…. She’s all MILF, and has the super huge boobs…. Perfect!

We always like our MILFs with huge boobs!

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Mostly we like the MILFs because they know how to take care of business – and sucking cock!

When it comes to sucking cock, Devon Lee and her oral skills are second to none!

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Of course, Devon Lee the soccer mom slut knows how to take a cock from behind too!

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She also knows how to leave her high heels on as well!

Alektra Spreads Pussy Lips

Alektra is the perfect woman – a pornstar with huge boobs and no fucking inhibitions… That’s perfect!

And in this case, our big breasted pornstar here is sitting on a leather couch spreading her pussy lips wide open….

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You can tell she’s a pornstar – and that she’s ready for sex!

Got to love all of the hot pornstars on Cherry Pimps!

Cheating Housewife Loves Cock

Chrissy should have known this was coming. Tom was always horny and always hitting on her, and she was the army candy wife who always stayed at home while her husband went on long business trips to Europe with his “secretary”. She had needs too.

She had just come home from one of her charity events, alone, and had a few too many drinks… Tom stopped by, claiming he just wanted to check up on her. She was horny and drunk and she was always a slut; She quickly got down on her knees like a good little slut, pulled out his cock, and started to lick it up and down….

She was surprised that Tom had such a long cock!

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His cock was hard as a rock, long, and lubed up – and her cheating housewife pussy was already wet just thinking of having that huge cock inside of her!

She rode him right on the couch!


And what a wonderful fuck it was for this cheating whore wife!