These are two girls that I have recently introduced to the adult entertainment business and to the producers themselves claiming that they both have the quality to become famous Pornstars.

They are both doing a week on casting videos, they are trying out for several different studios that make porn videos in silicone Valley Los Angeles, the girl on top is a 18-year-old high school dropouts from St. Petersburg Florida that I actually had to pay her flight to get to Los Angeles because she was totally broke, now she is saying with some friends of mine that are also pornstars and if she makes it she will be able to find her own place and start a new life in Los Angeles.

The girl below her wearing glasses, I actually introduce her to the adult entertainment producers in New York, and it only took her one day to convince the studio owners and she is already recording her second porn video and from what I understand it will end up on DVD in just a few days and will be sold in thousands of sex stores around the United States, Canada and Eastern Europe.

She called me up just yesterday evening to thank me for what I did, however all I did was make a phone call and told them where to go and who to ask for, it was a great pleasure and I obviously don’t want anything in exchange, however if we ever do meet up I will take a Blowjob as a thank you gift LOL.

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