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She Secretly Watches Porn

He snuck up behind Mia. She had been crashing at Mike’s Apartment for the past few days and he was obviously trying to put the moves on her. She wasn’t digging him nearly as much.

That was until he came up behind her and discovered she had been secretly watching porn on her computer… Now that he knew she was horny… He was all up in her face!

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When she couldn’t take it any more she agreed to suck him off. She thought a quick blow job would get him off her back… But what didn’t count on was that it would make her horny too!

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Turns out she was as much of a slut as he had hoped – and also a wild fuck too!

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Corin Tries Anal Sex For The First Time

Corin knew he was into her ass, but she had no idea how much. Turns out he wasn’t going to let up until he had anal sex with her…  luckily tonight she was horny enough to let him do it!

But she couldn’t believe that she was going to let him fuck her in the ass

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He promised to go slow, and he did – at first… He used his fingers and slide them up her ass, and then slowly and gently slide his cock up in her ass

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And once it was firmly up her ass he went for broke – and banged her tight ass hard!

Hot Quick Little Slut

The moment he laid eyes at her down at the local pub Mike knew he was going to fuck her hard. A quick walk back to Mike’s Apartment and a few moments later this beautiful cock stunner had her skirt up and had his cock in her mouth…. She was a quick little slut!

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Just like every other whore that passes through Mike’s Apartment she likes it from behind – mostly because women like being degraded like they were dogs!

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