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She didn’t have any money to buy gifts, so she gave him the one thing that she did have… Her body! She told him he could have anything he wanted…

But he wanted anal sex!

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Jenny had never had anal sex before… And it hurt like hell!

Turns out that her ass was super tight and when a hard cock rammed up her ass it hurt really bad!

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But she got a good ass fucking out of it!

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Bobby loved working out. It got him off… But when he ran into Mary Jane while he was out jogging it was magical…. His cock instantly got hard! He wanted to split this innocent looking teen nice and hard in half!

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He quickly talked her into coming home with him… And she was even quicker to pull his cock out and start sucking it down too!

Bobby had a thick cock, but she grabbed it firmly with one hand and started to gulp it on down!

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She knew his cock was huge… but when she sat on his cock she finally discovered exactly how long his cock was! Mary Jane was fucking the longest cock she’s ever fucked!

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The fact that she was married didn’t bother him at all… A bitch to fuck is a bitch to fuck. He didn’t care so much as long as he was getting the chance to spit out his jizz load!


He was fucking her on the patio furniture when suddenly she reached from behind and started to slide her fingers up her ass… Turns out she was an anal whore too!


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When Megan Joy bent over, she didn’t know it but she was giving Robert a great shot of her boobs. She had more than a mouthful but she didn’t like her huge boobs going to waste – if they were going to be coming out they were going to be used…

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She got into the car and quickly pulled out her boobs – an his cock. She wanted to suck off his cock so badly that she couldn’t wait to pull it out and suck him off!

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One good deed leads to another… And it was only a matter of time before she got off, being fucked hard from behind like this!

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