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Fucking The Husband

Jordan might have been sweet and innocent but she had heard stories about Donna and Richard… Seems Richard likes to bang the baby sitter – and Donna likes to help him!

They both came on to her in the bedroom!

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Moments later Jordan, who was very turned on, had his cock in her hand – and then was sucking him off while Donna watched!

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They both took turns sucking on his cock… Jordan, who was a young teen, had sucked off enough cock in her time but this cock was huge!

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But fucking him while his wife watched was too much for her to handle!

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Keeping Her Ass In Shape

Monica is one of those sluts that loves fucking and does it all… She knows she’s got a beautiful little tight ass and loves being pounded from behind doggie style!

And she loves sucking cock too! She’s the perfect little whore!

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But her favorite is riding on top! She loves her perfect ass – all men do – and riding on top of a cock like this helps to keep her ass in shape!

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Cock Hungry

Jimmy wasn’t looking for pussy, but he was hoping that one of the younger college chicks was into the daddy thing and looking for an older man – maybe not an older man, but a real man… Instead of the dumb college boys they usually play with.

Monica was all over him quickly! She had some perfect little titties….

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She was quick to suck him off too!

Turns out this college slut was in the middle of a dry spell – and was cock hungry!

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But even more than wanting to suck him off she wanted to get fucked…. From behind like a real whore!

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Black Cock On Boat

Sally was a little whore with strawberry blonde hair who was the type of chick that only wanted to please. And that came in handy when it came to her boyfriends!

Her boyfriend Tony wanted to do it all, and loved having sex -and loved having threesomes. When he suggested they take the boat out with his black friend Ken, she knew exactly what was going down. She had never had sex with a black guy before but she loved having sex on the boat!

She started by sucking off her boyfriend while stroking off Ken’s huge black cock!

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Then it came time for fucking… She fucked Tony first, but when Ken slid his huge black cock inside of her… It was a brand new sexual experience for her!

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Turns out her boyfriend Tony was so turned on by watching his whore girlfriend fuck his black friend that he spit out a huge load right in her mouth!

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Fucking Two Black Guys

Hannah had always dreamed of fucking a black guy, but if she was going to cross over the railroad tracks to the wrong side of town to fuck a black stud she was going to double her pleasure and fuck two of them at the same time!

Turns out taking on two huge black cocks was a dream come true!

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And her two black studs will fill her up with sweet tasting white jizz!

Fucking the Cable Guy

Larry couldn’t believe his luck! He thought only the pizza guys got laid at work…

Turns out that fixing the cable wasn’t such a bad gig either!

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She nearly ripped his clothes off the moment he stepped into her little apartment…. Holly threw him down on the bed, ripped his pants off, and started sucking his cock like it was the last thing she was gong to do for the rest of her life!

And she was sucking him good too!

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She was sucking him off to make his cock super hard so she could ride it! You know, because all chicks love riding cock!

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Full Round Beautiful Ass

Bailey was many things to many different people, but she was mostly known for having a full beautiful round ass. A bubble but.

And how she loved to show it off too! She had the perfect ass and she knew it!

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But Bailey wasn’t all ass and no sex… She loved sex as much as the next whore! She used her bubble butt to reel men in, and then sucked them off like a true slut!

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Of course, unless your fucking a chick from behind it doesn’t matter what kind of ass she has… But Bailey loved riding on top of cock!

She loved how her breasts slapped up against each other when she rode cock – and Bailey had a huge set of knockers!

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Hot Sexy Threesome

Emma had never had a threesome before, but when her neighbor came onto her in the laundry room and told her how her husband likes to fuck teen chicks she had to admit it made her pussy wet!

She wasn’t sure if it was another chick, an older chick, coming on to her that made her hot, or if it was the idea of fucking her husband!

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Down on their knees they both went, both of them licking his cock! They took turns sucking him off!

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Emma loves riding cock, but she’s never had a threesome before…. She mounted his cock, riding him, and kissed his wife and licked her breasts while her husband fucked her!

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Facial On A Boat

Young Tracy loved having sex outside; It was always a huge turn on for her. She was always afraid of getting caught and that just made it all the more hot for her! But when she heard that her new boyfriend had his own boat…. That made her imagination run wild!

She talked him in to having sex on the boat!

They pulled out of port, got naked, and Tracy started sucking him off…

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She was surprised when he came on her face. It wasn’t her first facial, but it seems that he was more excited about having sex on the boat than she was!

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Hot Rough Sex

It started off as any other fuck… Elizabeth Bentley loved being tagged from behind. Tony was strong, much stronger of a man than she was used to, but she loved the power he used to fuck her. He was nailing her on the couch and the brute force was becoming more and more of a turn on for her!

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Suddenly Tony grabbed her from behind by her throat… She wasn’t sure what he was trying to do but she was being pounded from behind and she would have done anything he wanted at that point…

The harder he fucked her the more he choked her and the more she got off!

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Then Tony got real rough… He was completely over powering her, pulling on her hair… But kept on ramming her from behind and so long as he kept on fucking her she didn’t mind what he was going!

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The harder he fucked, the more she loved it!