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Club Thumping

I get knocked down, but i get up again! Actually, my cock is what keeps getting up again because im always so horny that i just gotta be fucking some hot babes all the time.I decided to go to my favorite chill spot and play a game of Club Thumping.If you’ve never heard of this game its actually pretty simple.You find a hot babe that you want to fuck and flirt with her and tease her.Finally you dare her to get fucked on the dance floor while everyone is watching.Whoever gets to thump on the most pussy wins! I had luck as i met Jane and her sexy horny ass.


She agreed right away and she even placed herself on the couch where she wanted me to fuck her.She turned around and i stuck my cock into that pussy and began to pump her from behind as she pinched and pulled on her nipples.She changed positions and laid down as she opened her legs wide.I kept fucking and pumping my cock inside of her!


Take Me To Bed

My girl Laney wanted me to take her to bed and i had no problems with that because if you see how hot and horny she is, i usually follow her every command.Trust me, that nice wet pussy is worth it and i know you wouldn’t turn her down as well.So we went up to my room where i undressed her and fondled her.Her nice plump breasts were in my hand as she withered away and moaning as i held her every which way.


She then wanted some hardcore cock action of her own as my dick stuck out and she opened up her mouth wide to take it in.She wrapped her lips around it and began to stroke on my cock with one hand and then take my dick inside of her mouth and begin to suck nice and long and hard.


She wanted to ride my cock so i laid down and she straddled my body.Placing my thick long cock inside of her wet pussy hole.She rode my cock as her nice thick ass jumped up and down on my thighs.


Backing babes

These three blonde babes were baking some muffins for a fund raiser they were planning on having for their sorority.They knew the kitchen would get hot with all three of them working in there so they decided to wear as little as possible and show off their nice assess in the process.they weren’t planning on being attracted to each other but thats exactly what happened!


The babes started to kiss and make out and were licking their bodies all over the place.They were soon facing each others pink holes and sticking their tongues to to get a nice taste of each of their pussies.


Blow Me Blondie

Lucky for me my wife is one horny crazed maniac and she cant get enough of my cock.I like to call her Blondie and call her that as we fuck all night long.As i opened the door to our apartment i find her waiting for me with her very mischievous look.I know exactly what she wants and we begin to get it one to keep her pleased.


I tell her to blow me nice and good as i let my pants fall down and she takes my dick between her lips.My cock is very stiff and erect and makes it easier for her to give me a blow job.Check out her awesome body as she lays across and sucks on my cock.


I lay down and have my dick stick straight up as she straddles my body reverse cowgirl and begins to take the ride.I pump her nice wet pussy with my cock and make her moan and scream as i fuck her before dinner!


Island Of Pleasure

Kate was invited to the Island of Pleasure with her boyfriend and his best friend.He had asked her for a threesome with his body since it was his birthday and the horny babe agreed to go all the way because she knew she would have fun with the two cocks.She wore her sexy bikini as they set out to sea.


Once on the boat and when they were far away from land the action began to happen.She loved that she was naked with the nice sea breeze hitting her every intimate part.Her boyfriend got down and licked on her pussy while she grabbed his buddies cock and began to blow him.


They turned her around and had her kneel down with her ass to one side and her mouth to the other.Her boyfriend stuck his dick in her mouth and she began to suck him good.His buddy meanwhile grabbed her hips from behind and started to fuck her nice pink pussy.


Fuck Two Hotties

Who has the pleasure like me of saying that you were able to fuck two hotties? Not many of you i presume so im going to share my fucking hot adventure with you with these two hot sluts i met at the club. They both followed me homw and got down on their knees like my loves slaves to worship my hard cock that was sticking right in front of them.


They licked on the tip of the cock with their lips and tongues and didnt even have turns they just both went at it at the same time! I wanted my cock inside of the pussies so i got one of the babes to lay down on the couch with her legs up.I then had easy access to her nice pussy which i began to pump with my hard cock.


Brenda Fox Learns

Brenda Fox was studying the bedroom for her upcoming quiz.She is studying to become a registered sexy nurse and shes even gone all out and bought herself some lingerie to wear for when me and her play some role play games.I surprise her and pay a visit to the bedroom where i take her nice round tits into my hands.


She opens up wide for me and i begin to rub on her pink pussy with my fingers.I can feel her already so very wet but she doesn’t stop there.She takes my dick out of my pants and begins to suck on my cock with her mouth.Her nice big tits look delicious but its hard for me to keep my eyes open as she gives me a great blow job.


I position her with her legs wide open as my cock gets ready to jump inside of her pussy hole to please her.She holds on to the pillows as i pump her wet pink hole with my dick and she leans back in pleasure.


Fucking that Ass

Jonathan was in the bedroom with his favorite client Gracie Glam.This hot horny teen babe hired him to be her personal trainer and tone her body up.While her parents were away tha morning he told her he had a very special session for her that morning.She knew exactly what it was and wanted to get to work right away.As they arrived in her room he kneel behind her nice bubble butt and pulled down her shorts.


She bent over on all fours on the bed and he wanted to just rip right into that pussy and anal hole.He stuck his tongue out and began to flick it on her most intimate parts making her moan and wriggle in pleasure.She was enjoying that tongue getting her holes nice and wet.


His whole reason for licking her down was so he could take his cock and begin to pump her pussy from behind.He grabbed on to her nice thick teen hips and shoved his cock into her two pussy lips that welcomed him.As the pussy lips wrapped around his cock he began to pump her nice and good.


The Party Club

If you’ve never been to The Party Club down here in Miami then you are sure missing a great fucking time.Let me show you what happens at this club and all the wild antics that follow it.I was on business vacation and decided to hit this local night club.I had to give a hefty cover price but it was well worth it.As soon as i got inside this really hot and horny brunette came over and grabbed my cock.She was groping and massaging my package and i knew i just had to fuck this hot babe.


I sat down and she came over and lifted her dress up to reveal her panties.She started to grind on my package and show me her tits as i licked them with my tongue and massaged them really well.I just pulled her dress right off and her panties as well and took my cock out to fuck her.She fit nicely on top of me as my cock slid in and she began to fuck my dick.


Her pussy was so wet and juicy that i was having a great time.She stopped and turned around as she rode me reverse cowgirl style and began to jump on my cock over and over again.Her titties were bouncing up and down as my cock kept going into her hot pussy.


Enticing Blonde Teen

Kara has been a very bad teen girl and she has been on a man eating form ever since she had her first sexual experience upon turning 19 a few weeks ago.She invited me over to her house because she said she needed some advice on her therapy sessions that her parents have set up. She has been a patient of mine for a few weeks and ive noticed her changing and trying to be more seductive with me.I arrived and thought her parents would be present but she invited me up to her room for a nice chat about feelings.


She sat on her bed and before i had the chance to do the same she started to feel my cock up with her hands.I must admit that it felt great and really horny so i didnt stop her as i should have.She looked very excited and horny that she had her mouth open and moaning as she grabbed my crotch and felt my big cock up with her hands.She unzipped me as my fat cock jumped out at her.


She had me lay down and take my cock out of my pants.I just closed my eyes as her warm and moist mouth started to mouth my cock off.She had a very delicate and juicy mouth that kept my cock inside as i saw her bob her head up and down and please my fat long dick.