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Monica hired a personal trainer to help her tone her body up and not be so lazy.She didnt know that she would totally be attracted to the fit young dude and she was itching for the moment to make a pass at him.She waited until the weekend when they went on their morning trails jog.When there was nobody around she came over and started to massage his cock.He started to get a big boner that she wanted to please.


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Christina had never really seen a porno in her life.She thought it was a little icky and gross but now that her parents store started to carry a whole selection of them she began to get really interested.She grabbed a magazine from the rack while she was the only one there and began to see all the hot sexy babes getting fucked by big fat cocks.


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Kitty Bella and her hardcore boyfriend are at a motel that they sneaked away with together.She wanted to have a nice fuck time with him and the only way they were able to do that was to play hooky from school and go away on their own private vacation for the day.Kitty playfully lets her boyfriend snap some pictures away as she looks extra horny and sexy laying on the bed.


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Vanessa was working at a massage parlor in the city but she had her own clients that she secretly loved to please in other ways.Her client for today was Doug and he didnt know what was coming to him as he got naked and ready to be relaxed by her wonderful hands.


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