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Fuck the Gardner

Joe had just graduated from High school and was about to go into college.He needed some extra cash for the trip so he decided to become a Gardner during the weekends and take care of some lawns.He really liked this specific house because he saw that the horny fine ass blonde teenager daughter was always smiling at him and checking him out through the window.One day she decided to make her move since her parents weren’t home and made her way to the backyard.There she found Joe where she seduced him and got on the floor as she took his long dick out of his jeans.


She started to give him a blowjob and take that dick inside of her wet warm mouth.The neighbor happened to hear some moaning and decided to see what was up.As he slowly opened the backyard gate he saw the blonde teen on her knees giving Joe a wet blowjob. He was appalled but excited at first.He stayed behind the door and started to wack off as he saw these teen having a good time.


She was sucking on that cock as a whole and getting it very wet.Joe was having the time of his life because she was a very horny and fine ass blonde teen.He turned her around and had her stick her ass out as he started to shove his cock inside of her pussy.He started to fuck her hard and pump his dick into the wet pink hole.The neighbor kept wacking off until the horny teens heard a loud moan, they got scared and ran off naked!


Nerd Fucks Busty

We followed this very horny nerd around as he was looking for a nice hot slut to fuck.We didnt think this nerd would be able to get to score but we saw as he hooked up with a really hot blonde babe.Of course we saw his secret as he handed over some cash to this busty blonde babe named Lisa.She was really fucking hot and she had some nice big round tits that we were excited to see ourselves.She took out a tit to show us exactly what she was made out of.


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Lets Fuck Twins

Best friends Sarah and Michelle ran into these two hard body twins that wanted to fuck them good.the girls thought the dudes were butt ugly but once they found out that they were from a royal Arabian family and they saw their fat cocks, they had second thoughts and wanted to see what these two fat dicks were all about.They set up a meeting at a posh hotel where the girls walked in wearing some sexy lingerie.Soon as they got in the fun started as they both started to suck on the twin cocks.


They were sharing and double teaming cocks here and there.While Michelle sat on the fat cock guy Sarah bent down and started to give him head.She stuffed that fat cock into her mouth.She also maneuvered it so it rubbed on the outer walls of Michelles pussy lips.She was getting very wet from feeling this stuff rod please her.


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Big Tit MILF

Andrea is a big tilt MILF babe that wanted some hot cock action inside of her.When we met up to take some shots of her hot body we didnt know that she also invited a stiff dick to the photo shoot that would be pleasing that pussy.We were pretty excited because we wanted to witness those massive round tits bouncing all over the place as she got fucked and penetrated by a dick.


With her big breasts in the camera she then had the hard cock sit down as she walked over and sat on his dick.She positioned her very wet pussy on top of the dick and then gently sat down on it.She started to moan as she rode on that cock and jumped up and down with her tits getting in her face because they are so big.


She then turned around and opened up her massive round ass that was also looking very delicious.Andrea has everything big in all the right places.Her pussy swallowed that cock as it kept poking her from behind in her pink hole for pleasure.


Big Latino Heat

Britanny was very excited because today she was going to have an awesome time with a hot long stud Latino she met on the internet. She had seen pictures of his large cock online before but now she really wanted to see if he was the real deal and how that big long dick would please her pussy and mouth.He made his way to her house where they started to get frisky with each other in her backyard by the pool.They got right to business as he started to lick and pinch on her nice round tits.


She was enjoying his mouth wrapped around her tits and sucking on them but she was ready for that huge package to make its grand entrance.She unzipped him and out popped his long cock.It was looking really long and she was relieved that it looked even better in person.She started to mouth on the dick and lick it with her tongue.Gently sucking on the tip of the dick with her lips she started to give him a blow job to get that dick wet.


When the cock was nice and juicy she wanted that big prick inside of her pussy right away. She sat on one of the lawn chairs with her ass towards him and he moved in to shove his dick inside of her pink lips.He held her ass cheeks open as he started to ram his thick cock inside of her wet pussy over and over again.


Amber Date Fuck

Amber is a very horny cougar MILF that hasn’t had a cock inside of her for awhile! Since getting divorced shes been very quite when it comes to sexual pleasures.She decided to sign up for a dating site that only delt with cougars and younger men.She met Amir on the first date and as they were sitting in her living room trying to get a conversation going she got really horny and couldn’t wait any much longer!


She walked over to poor Amir and started to un-zip his pants. He was really surprised but she was smoking hot so he wanted to fuck her bad too! She had some nice big MILF tits and a round ass that he wanted to slap and pump in person.First though she wanted to suck on his cock.She opened up her mouth and swallowed his dick in as she started to give him a blow job.


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Store Front Fuck

I went to this small cell phone store to get a replacement phone and i hit it off with the store owner.She was a pretty hot blonde MILF that i knew was aching to get a big dick inside of her.She actually asked me out on a date and i told her that i knew what she wanted and she wouldn’t have to wait for a date to get it.She smiled and quickly went to lock the door and led me to the backroom as she giggled in glee.


As i took out my long hard cock this horny MILF was already naked and on her knees.She looked into my eyes and started to lick on the shaft of my cock.her mouth was very wet and warm and it felt great as it slapped my dick with her tongues and got it all wet and lubed up.I wanted to fuck her pussy and i wanted to make sure that i could glide right in.


I sat her on a chair as she opened up her legs wide for me.She had a really great looking pussy for a MILF and i knew that she was ready to get pounded hard.She smiled and waited for me to penetrate her.As i stuck my cock inside of her clamshell hole she gasped for air and screamed out “Yes”. I started to pound her hard as her pussy got wetter and wetter.


Bianca Lovely gets boned

Bianca thought everything was well and good when she walked into her boss’s office to pick up her check. She didnt know that her boss was keeping tabs on her and all the hours she skipped out early from working in order to go have some fun.He demanded that she pay him back for those missed worked hours and he had an idea on how she could do just that.He ordered her to go to the break room and wait for him to show up.


As her boss arrived naked with his cock in the air she knew that she was going to be working those hours off by getting a good fuck.He cam over to her and luckily she wasnt wearing any panties as he bent her over and held on to her hips.He thrust his big fat cock inside of her wet pussy slowly and made those pussy lips wrap around the cock as he kept pumping her pussy.


He got more into it and wanted to teach her the importance of a good work ethic.So he took that cock and started to fuck her pussy hard and faster.He fucked and wrecked on that pussy very good.He even had to hold on to her by pulling her hair and fucking that pussy hard.


Skyla Paige and Girls

Skyla Paige and her girls were out and about on Melrose Ave shopping for some cool clothes.The girls spent most of the day wandering about and turning down guys that wanted to get their numbers.They like boys all right, but they really have no need for them when these terrible trio is around together.They decided to go home and have some fun of their own.


Her two blonde friends love to get the party started with Skyla.In fact she practically gets the party started because she begins to get naked and horny and rub on her pussy with her fingers.Her friends notice this and soon enough are licking and making out with her as they rub their fingers through her thighs.They finally reach her hot pink pussy and begin to finger her for pleasure.


Skyla loves it when they lick on her pussy too! She has her blonde friend come over between her legs and flicks her tongue on that wet pink hole.She gently shoves her tongue inside of the two pink lips and begins to lick on them all over with her tongue.


Winners and Losers get fucked

We invited the girls over to our most recent game night because we knew we could get them to do some special prizes for us.I bet my wife that if i won the hand that she and her friend would have to fuck me and my buddy together! Imagine my surprise when the horny bitch agreed to the deal.I knew she was one horny broad but not this much!


I won the game and she stood up to feel my cock and see how hard it was at the excitement of the game.We all got undress and the women got into positions as our cocks got ready to fuck them in the pussy hard and fast.


Me and my biddy traded partners and pretty soo i was fucking his hot as hell wife.