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Hot Lesbian Roleplaying

Not sure about you, but I can easily spend my entire day in front of my computer watching lesbian sex. Nothing turns me on more than two gorgeous babes making passionate love to each other, and when there’s some kinky role playing involved, that’s even better.


Judging by the pictures these two girls are determined to have a great time in jail and lick each other’s pussies until they are both completely satisfied.

hot-lesbian-uniforms-6 hot-lesbian-uniforms-7

Personally I’ve never had the pleasure of serving time, but I think if there actually were guards this hot I’d be happy to! When one of them started to drill the other’s hot pussy with her night stick baton that was about the end for me!

Mom’s Pussy is Better Pussy

Johnny was watching a movie with his girlfriend when they’re disturbed by his girlfriend’s mother, Eva, who walks in and asks him to help her set up her new GPS system in her car.


Johnny automatically agrees because he’s kind of fed up watching another chick flick that his girlfriend wants to watch.


After he sets up the GPS, Eva asks him to show her how it works so she gives him an address….


Turns out the address is to a local motel and Eva has every intention to thank Johnny for his help! By now Eva has one hand in Johnny’s crotch and one hand pulling out her tits! Johnny’s not stupid and Eva’s really hot, so it doesn’t take him long to figure out her plan!


Eva gets Johnny up to the room she’s already booked and gets his cock right into her mouth! She told him that she’d been keeping an eye on him and he was too much man for her daughter to handle and he needed a woman who could handle a cock like his!


Eva got him nice and hard and straddled his cock showing him she knows just what to do! High big young cock filled her hot MILF pussy perfectly and Johnny had no regrets and neither did Eva!

First Time Lesbian Teens

Mia brought in her friend Alyssa to see if she could get some modeling work done. Ironically, right as they walked through the door we had a cancellation for a shoot so we asked them if they wanted to make some extra cash. Alyssa did not want to do a boy/girl shoot so Mia volunteered to take over and show her a sweet girl on girl time!


Apparently the two of them had never done girl/girl before so this was going to be interested! When girls go at it for the first time it’s either super hot or really awkward so we were hoping for the latter!


They both looked super hot in front of the camera and they definitely dressed the part! With a hot little skirt and hot little shorts they showed off just enough of their tight young bodies to get our attention! I for one couldn’t wait for them to get naked and show us just how hot they were!


With every piece of clothes that hit the floor they looked hotter and hotter! Both of them had super firm little bodies with nice little tits! I usually like them to have a little more up top, but their bodies were soo hot it fit them perfectly!


When they finally started to go at it you would have thought they were professionals! They went straight for the pussy with their tongues out ready to taste that hot wet heaven!


Whether they were licking and sucking eachother’s hot wet pussy or finger banging they didn’t stop for what seemed like hours! I don’t think there was a limp dick in the house when they were done!

Cougar Jordan Kingsley

At 5’11” the sexy Jodan Kingsley is a tall and hot cougar. Indigenous to downtown Los Angeles, this rare cougar shows just what can happen to a young man if he get’s to close to a long-clawed mature cougar in heat.


Jordan got one of her many boy toys to come over today to help her with some stuff around the house, and by help she means get hard and fuck! Jordan is just the kind of MILF cougar you want living next door! Not only is she incredibly hot, but she loves to fuck hot young guys!


She doesn’t want to be friends, she doesn’t want you to do stuff around the house, all she wants you to do is give her something big and hard to suck on and fuck! I don’t think anybody would complain!