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Sexy brunette Jasmine Black decided to help her boyfriend relax today with a nice warm bath! He had no idea that she planned on taking care of him in more ways than just that!


They got into the bath and she immediately started to get his cock hard by massaging him and rubbing his balls! It didn’t take long for him to get hard staring at her big beautiful tits all hot and wet!


She leaned forward squeezing his cock between her tits slowing titty fucking his cock until it was completely hard! She loved the feeling of his cock pressed between her big natural tits!


She likes to lightly lick and tease the head of his cock as it pokes through her tits giving him a hot titty fucking blowjob!


But, that’s never enough because she just loves the taste and feeling of his hard cock in her mouth! She just have to have him in her mouth so she swallowed every inch of his hard cock!


After a nice long massage and titty fucking followed by her hot wet mouth around his cock it wasn’t long before he began pumping his hot load all over her tits! She finished him off by again squeezing his cock between her tits as it pumped it’s last bit of cum onto her!

Daily Special

Sexy little Misty Stone decided to get a summer job for some extra cash down at the local cafe. It wasn’t a ton of money, but she thought it would be fun to meet new people and make a little cash at the same time! The problem was that her boss was a total dick and most of the customers didn’t tip worth shit so it was becoming worse and worse every day!


She’d just gotten chewed out by her boss for not being more personable with the customers so she thought she’d go out of her way to be nice when Charles walked in! He’d been coming in a lot recently and she figured she’d make sure he got the daily special today!


She hiked up her skirt a little, and made sure he saw what the daily special actually was! With her tight little ass peaking out from under her jean skirt she knew that he saw what was really on the menu today!


After he order she leaned right over the counter and took his big cock into her mouth! She absolutely loved to suck dick so this was the best of both worlds. At work, making money, sucking cock, it was a win win for her and her customers!


And it didn’t stop there! She had planned on just sucking him off right there at the counter, but with as nice a cock as he had she knew that she just had to fuck him! Plus, what a great story, so she fucked him right there on the counter! She even managed to swallow his hot load as a thank you!

Savannah Stern Workout

Savannah Stern was my second to last appointment for that day. When she walked in with those tight spandex shorts and shirt that had her perfect perky tits popping out I almost busted in my pants. I had her stretch and warm up while I stared down her ass and got a good look. I could tell she was teasing me with that round ass.


This girl was fucking amazing! About then I got a nice phone call from my next client and she told me she needed to cancel our appointment. That was cool with me because I was having a great time hanging out with Savannah Stern. I gave her the good news and then started feeling on her ass. I peeled the shorts down and went to town!


I could tell she wanted to fuck so I bent her ass over and started to lick her ass and her pussy! Her pussy was already dripping wet! As I was burying my tongue in her pussy she started to tell me how she’d been wanting to fuck me for months and she couldn’t believe it was finally going to happen!


Immediately I could feel her start to move as she told me she wanted my cock in her pussy NOW! She pushed me back and straddled my cock! Her tight little shaved pussy sucked my cock in until I could feel every inch of her pussy! She grinded her ass down on top of me fucking herself with my hard cock!


I told her I was about to cum so she pulled my cock out and started to suck my cock down her throat! She took every drop of cum into her mouth letting it drip down to her big beautiful tits! What a workout!

Teen Sluts Jessica Lynn, Nika Noire & Nikki Benz

It’s Frosh Week and college students are going wild! Especially these three dorm sluts Jessica, Nika and Nikki! They were stealing booze at the bar and doing body shots with their tits hangin out and got kicked out of the bar!


Back to the bus they go and they decide to have a little road trip orgy! Not that their boyfriends would mind! Three girls, two guys, that always sounds like a good ratio to me!


And these girls were soo wasted they didn’t care who’s cock they were sucking and fucking, they just needed to be fucked!


On the bus it was like a free for all with wet pussies and hard cocks in every direction! The girls were eating pussy, sucking cock, riding cock, and begging for more!


Thankfully a cat fight didn’t break out over the shortage of cock! Our guys made sure to fuck them nice and hard and give them everything they wanted!

Cougar Holly Sampson

Mikey has had his eye on the lady who lived next door to the home that he grew up in since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Who can blame him? Holly is a pretty blond with long slender legs, a perfectly fit body, a perky pair of fake tits and an irresistible flirtatious personality. Finally she agrees to let Mikey prove to her that he can step up his game and treat her as a real man would.


She has him over and starts out the afternoon with a bottle of champagne! Mikey thought he has his work cut out for him, when in fact she already had plans of her own! While Mikey had thought this entire time that he wanted to fuck Holly, but the reality was Holly had her eye on him for a long time!


As soon as the bottle was open Holly had Mikey’s pants unzipped and his cock in her mouth! Mikey has had a lot of girlfriends for a guy his age, but he’d never gotten a blowjob like this! Holly had his cock completely in his mouth and he could feel the head of his cock going down her throat, it was fucking amazing! Holly knew she gave great head and she was sure she’d be the best he’d ever had!


It wasn’t long before Holly could feel young Mikey’s cock begin to pulse in her mouth telling her that she was sucking his cock a little too good and he was ready to cum! She loves a hot load in her mouth, but her pussy needed to be pounded before she let him finish! Before pulling his cock out of her mouth she gave the head of his cock a nice strong bite to let him know…. not yet! She pushed him back and straddled his cock with her hot cougar pussy and slammed down on top of him filling her pussy with every inch of his young cock! Mikey loved watching her hot ass grind against his cock as he reached up grabbing her perfect tits!


Again, it wasn’t long and Holly could feel his cock begin to jolt signaling he was about to cum so she dropped to her knees again pulling his cock into her mouth so she could suck him dry! She wanted this to be the best fuck of his young life and she knew his hot load in her mouth would be the perfect end to a perfect afternoon!

Rub a Dub Dub Lesbians in the Tub

Kagney had a stressful day so Nikki invited her over for a bubble bath, strawberries and champaign. When Kagney got undressed she let loose her beautiful big tits and nice round ass.


Nikki was all over her licking and smacking her ass. Kagney has a serious foot fetish so she had Nikki toe fuck her hard. The spa session ended with Nikki pounding Kagney with a big strap on dildo….


I love it when dirty girls get clean, only to get nice and dirty again!